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[]Joseph Frascati

yea, the company is actually called "Tubi Style" but most people call them "Tubi"

[]Matthew Horkan

I know tubi is a manufacturer of parts, but since he didnt say "Tubi exhaust" and instead "Tibi style exhaust" i thought id ask for more info. Maybe some awesome custom builder made it or something. I read it and thought "Flowmaster style exhaust" :)

[]Joseph Frascati

Well you don't want to be confused about pipes. There's bong-style, crack-style, plumbing-style, keep-your-wife-in-check-style - the world is full of pipes! Tubi Style is just the name of the company that makes them. And I guess I would say that they make "pipes with style".

[]Matthew Horkan

What does "Tubi style" mean? Pipes have styles?

[]Chris Nicholas

That will sound amazing!

[]Devin Liu

cant wait to hear it!

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