375 HP
268 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2976 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.5 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
183 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.6 Seconds
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        What can you say?  Arguably the best sports car that the 20th century produced. This F355 Spider in Swatters Blue was well sorted prior to me acquiring it.  Valve guides, shocks & actuators, console leather, top operation niggles, catalytic converters, routine engine-out services ....wait did I just call this POS the best sports car of the 20th century?? I did.  Because it is.  It had a few cases of lowest bidder parts/components which Ferrari to their credit has improved on greatly; and most previous owners will have had to deal with them already. If you like to run a car between 4k and 8,500 RPM through mountain roads without ever feeling things like brake assisted cornering or computer controlled traction...I highly recommend. The Ferrari F355 is ear, eye, and soul candy.

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        []Ian Cave

        The Blu Swatters on your spider is stunning👍🏼

        []Joseph Frascati

        Hey Steve. The NSX is more communicative and when you drive them back to back you think - wow the NSX is such a better car in so many ways. It was not until the 360 that Ferrari caught up fully. The 355's tail will slide out with more notice. NSX - much less warning and one should be mindful of snap oversteer (I am talking about stock trim - the non-compliance and other NSX mods help of course). 355 costs are a different planet compared to NSX. I am a big proponent of knowing what goes wrong with these, getting one that's had the big items done - and knowing the cheaper (and often better) aftermarket fixes. Reference some info here where I went into more detail: joe-f.kinja.com/why-i-would-never-say-never-buy-a-ferrari-f355-1707342206 My car for example has had $60-70k of work done. A lot of that was valve guides, headers, cats, dash leather, not cheap little things, and consistent services. For me, I keep $6k around for surprises and expect $4-6k in major services (5 years) and $1-2k annually if you don't change the fluids yourself. If you do some DIY and avoid oem you can maintain a well sorted car for not a lot of money but some things will cost you. Par for the course.

        []Steve Dekorte

        Thanks Joe. I think I'll stick with my NSX for now but it's good to know what the options are like. Love the look of the 355.

        []Steve Dekorte

        Hey Joe, how's your 355 compare to the NSX for handling? Also, how's the 355 on maintenance costs? I've been considering getting one.

        []Marcus Di Sabella

        You might be my personal hero here. NSX and F355...#envy

        []Rick Baz

        Love that 355. A keeper.

        []Joseph Frascati

        I'd take an Abarth no problem! My street parked Integra isn't going to last forever and those 500's are so easy to park in the city

        []Brodey Dover

        I see that you're a fan of Italian autos ;). Perhaps you should check out the Abarths ;).

        []Michael Dalpoggetto

        Joseph, nice selection of cars. You ever drive a 400hp+ 240Z?

        []Peter Nelson

        A yellow coupe version is definitely one of my dream cars!!!

        []Simen Linderud

        F355 is my favorite Ferrari, especially the targa top GTS. Prettiest body shape of any supercar.

        []Cruisin PSU

        The 355 has always been a dream car of mine. I like the story you put with it.

        []Chris Nicholas

        One of my favorite ferraris no doubt. Tour de France Blue looks quite good on it as well, beautiful car man!

        []Ed Bolian

        Gorgeous car. I love the 355.

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