170 hp
177 lb-ft
Engine Size
2.8 liters
Manual 4 speed
19.2 mpg
2760 lbs
Zero To Sixty
8.2 sec.
Standing 1/4
16.6 sec
11,463 miles
Top Speed
126 mph

Welcome to Family 1976 Datsun 280Z...My Dream Car! I Naming My 1976 Datsun 280Z CAROLINE OFFICIALLY! My dream is to own 240Z, 260Z OR 280Z but 280Z was in my budget to buy. Then I found this 280Z in OfferUp and check out the car. I notice this car I saw is rare gem that barely had rust anywhere + previous previous owner remove everything out of the 280Z into the barely chassis. He work on it by sanding, repairing rust, and painting the car like Nissan GTR32 Gray or Gunmetal Color. I like that color when I saw the photo on OfferUp. So everybody runs on the car when I bought the 280Z but interior was barely metal except the dashboard/factory gauges. When I had to buy 240Z, 260Z, OR 280Z, I was going to decide from the condition of the car if most it was factory in the Z I was going to restore it original or if more into modified I will go with aftermarket with current cars have. So I hope you guy and ladies like my future build for 280Z Caroline that I am creating in my journey. Hope I see you there anywhere in the next year or 2 year in Southern California auto show soon!

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