126 HP
103 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2300 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
21/29 MPG

On July 2011, my older brother brought 1997 Honda Del Sol S at Riverside for $2000. We are both of the owner for any car for any reason may happen. During my brother had it, he changed few little mod like air filter and 42' wing came with it/ during the time we didn't know what 15inches rim it was for the car because original was purposely 13inches rim. When he was driving it in the 4 years, he got into accident twice in month apart. The first one it was very minor it with paint scratches and car was fine. The second one was a huge front accident problem. At 2014 he had to go Santa Barbara for about a year in school so he move up there temporarily. One day he hit someone from the back and the front hood was in 120 degree bent. ( Photos Accident in Profile Swipe) The hood couldn't even close so he drove with a tarp cover with gorilla duct tape than the hood. Headlights and Signal light were there but cracked and plastic shattered. Both front fenders were dented. For about 3-4 months he had to drive like that until I came up with my mother for thanksgiving. He order new headlights and signal light for it. During that year, I barely knew automotive but I had talent gift of fixing or repair items in some way of jimmy rigging it with the tools I had. For the hood I knew that I probably had to use blow torch that was kitchen one by that time. I heated hood burn paint to 85% reforming the shape to close and lock it. Both front fender was use the same technique like the hood but matte hammer. Swapped headlights and signal lights from the part that was ordered. Couple month later I got my license at 2015 of April Spring Break. My brother came back around June 2015 from Santa Barbara. I brought my first car 1996 Mazda MX-6 V6 Engine for $700 and few months later I had engine overheating issue. I eventually junk the car and got $300 from it. My brother gave me offer to sell his Honda Del Sol for $600. I gave my $300 that I got from Mazda MX-6 and he told me whenever you can pay me back later. During the time I just drove it as normal point A to point B car 153K Miles. I paid off the rest of the $300 around January 2016 with my New Years money. Slowly parts in the Honda Del Sol was not working. March 2016 the transmission reverse was not working and I had to drive at 3 gear to drive. Eventually that time I was in automotive trading school and my head instructor told me to buy use transmission and help me install it. Few months later, battery went dead replace that, I had minor accident front without me notice that my radiator was cracked replace that, January 2017 starter when out and replace that and lastly before my transmission when out when I notice I found a craglist page for front hood, front bumper, both front side fender he was selling for $250 I brought that to replace the accident that my brother had in Santa Barbara. That whole time I never thought this car was good car because I wanted Mazda Miata like Cousin car. This car was project for me to learn from my automotive class that I learned and some that I never experienced. Slowly I was repairing or replacing parts and notice that that only things in the car that never got replaced was the engine of the heart. The transmission replacement during the time the car had 155K miles on it. I never thought this project car feels like my first car but is not. I drive this car with passion and started my journey to tweak the Del Sol more like Expensive spark plug/wires, engine oil and filter, headlight 5300k blue lights, dual air filter, 52' Spoiler Wing, Vinyl Wrap Top. Remember that 15inches rim that we got with the car, that I had it for awhile and found out it was 2003-2004 Honda Civic SI. It doesn't matter how the car look like of what crappy paint job if the car runs great. Some people think or call me Ricer but in me, I call myself a tuner. That my current journey with the car and hoping the car will live as long as the engine doesn't blow. Maybe that journey might end or a resurrected car for the future. We will never know currently but when the time come that when I make my decisions.

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[]Jordan Shuster

One of my neighbors has a del Sol - and it's white, too! I've grown really fond of these lil things.

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