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34, Army Vet, Firefighter/EMT, Photographer, and technology nerd.

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homepage tile photo for I got to drive my Corvette on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!
I got to drive my Corvette on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

I went to Bloomington Gold for the first time this year and had a blast. Got to do a hot lap in the

[]Hayden Baker

Dude that's so cool!

[]Ernie Szots

That is so cool.

homepage tile photo for Got my Blue Lights installed!
Got my Blue Lights installed!

I'm a volunteer Firefighter. In my state, as well as most others, I am authorized to have emergency

[]Ernie Szots

The urge to use them to make slow drivers move over and out of the left lane must be immense!

[]Josh Claypool

True statement! lol

homepage tile photo for undefined

Out for a Sunday drive... #dailydriven #dirtyvette #corvette #stingray #corvettefamily #carporn #c7

homepage tile photo for Tint!

Finally got my front windows tinted to match the rears on June 28th.

[]Andrew Johnson

Looks great!

homepage tile photo for Roof wrapped
Roof wrapped

DIY roof wrap done on June 16th

[]Andrew Johnson

Very nice. Which wrap did you use? How hard was it to put on?

homepage tile photo for Front end Photoshop
Front end Photoshop

I did a little Photoshop to see how the front end would look with the hexagon mesh grille and the O

[]Ernie Szots

Great job; can't even tell it's 'shopped. Looks good.