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Update: put the new axle on my car and it broke immediately I waited 4 hours for AAA 100 feet from

[]Yves Vds

That sucks. The axle simply broke? You might want to consider getting a refund and buy an axle from another brand.

[]Josh Lavender

Yeah I’m trying to send it back and go to ECS tuning

[]Robert Sixto

Ah man, that's like the nightmare scenario of buying parts. Did you get any refund or response from partsgeek? I've never gotten anything from them before, not familiar with the company.

[]Josh Lavender

I wouldn’t recommend them after this

[]Gregory Garoppolo

That sucks! I’ve been hearing more and more about aftermarket axle failure, or vibrations developing with after market axles. I have the latter problem, and I replaced it because the boot tore, so I made my car worse with a new part. I will be going with remanufactured units in the future.

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Got the bolts to bolt my axle to the transmission justta gotta wait for my new axle now

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My parts should be coming in in the next few days so I can replace my axle