My first car, original pride and joy.  The mazda 121 was a factory 1300cc fuel injected motor producing a whopping 53kw.  After 5 years of ownership and a further 10years of family ownership, I decided to do an interesting motor swap inspired by overseas enthusiasts.  The mx5 motor was converted to FWD with 323 inlet manifold and throttle body, 300cc injectors, metal headgasket, ngk leads+iridium plugs and few other goodies.  The swap was a success with over double the horsepower output increase. Traction was a problem. Estimation of power output was debated at least 140hp @ 810kg.  The vehicle was prepared to be turbocharged with the motor capable of handling 14psi with a highflowed Subaru STI vf30 

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Hey man planning to bp swap my metro anywords of advice? Thanks

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