170 HP
184 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2635 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission Type
Direct Drive
MPG (City/Highway)
111/138 MPG

BMW markets this car as the fastest BMW they sell 0-30mph. I tend to agree with them as this thing rockets from a standstill. When you punch the 'gas' pedal, it pushes you back in your seat. This means you can punch it even at freeway speed and it will give you a nice boost of speed. Continuous acceleration from 0-95 (limited) isn't as fast but is still good. This is a nice relaxing vehicle with sporty feeling suspension that makes it fun to drive. It's not a track car by any means as the suspension allows body roll, but it does handle nicely even with this as the center of gravity is pretty low even though the people sit high inside.

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[]Chad Diez

Hi Josh, how long have you had the i3? How has it been? I’m just buying one myself

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