Purchased brand new, first installed mod within 1000 miles (short shift kit). Wanna know how to get bored with the power of your car? Do delivery in it. It was driven hard, driven often, and harder than anything on the street should be. 10/10, Will never do it again. Cobb stage 3 (Equivalent) and some other personal tweaks here and there were on by ~30,000 and calling the car an overpowered adult go-kart seemed appropriate at that point. MOST, sane people would probably agree that's enough, I did, for a while... Like any good project I don't believe it will ever be enough or that it will ever be quite done. However for now, there's Methanol.... I wouldn't reference the time of the writing if it wasn't personally amusing to me, but less than 1 week after writing the above I purchased a Turbo upgrade... Like I said, its never truly done.

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