FAT MAT 107-7634159-3477005 Sound Dampening

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FAT MAT 107-7634159-3477005 Sound Dampening






The 80 Mil thick FAT MAT is a great value, it does a great job at reducing the amount of the vibration, road noise, wind noise and also does a very good job at insulating the truck as well. I have it installed on the entire interior of the truck, the cab, doors, floor, etc... The only down side to the FAT MAT is that it is hard to cut, You will need sharp scissors or a good razor knife, a heat gun also help with the application. I would suggest this product to anyone looking for a good sound proofing material.






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Both doors, the floor, the roof, the cab sides, and all of the interior trim panels have been covered in 80mil thick Fat Matting to help reduce the amount of road, tire, and wind noise as well as vibration. The Fat Mat goes on easily, and does a nice job at minimizing the amount of vibration, road noise, and wind noise that is more common on the older trucks. My only complaint is that there is no good way to cut and trim the Fat Mat to size, be sure to have plenty of razors for your razor knife and i would buy a pair of heavy duty construction scissors, don't spend much on them as they wont be any good when you are done. Overall however i am happy with the Fat Matting and would suggest it to others, its readily available in varying thicknesses for a very fair price on amazon.

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