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Overall a great All Terrain tire, they work great in snow, mud, wet weather, sand, and rocks. They can be aired down for the snow, sand or rocks, but without bead locks I wouldnt suggest taking these much lower than 8-10 PSI. They handle the pavement great as well, They do not make as much road noise as other All Terrain tires, and they do not break loose while turning in wet conditions as often as other All Terrain tires I have owned. Out of all of the All Terrain tires I have had on my trucks these are my favorite, they will last for a very long time if properly rotated and taken care care of, they do not tend to cup or wear unevenly either. The Tires self cleaning ability is very good as well, especially after you get them back onto pavement. Overall they have the best road characteristics of all of my previous All Terrain tires. The only cons to this tires is how quickly they tend pack up with snow/mud, they will self clean very well and they not get stuck if you apply the correct amount of wheel speed to keep them slef cleaning and not just packing up, they prefer to ran fast not slow, they also tend to get a lot of rocks stuck in the tread which leads to a loud and very annoying clicking. The price was a little high also but that did include road hazard for the life of the tire. Overall tho I would highly recommend these tires to anyone looking for a great All Terrain tire for a daily driver or a light trail/road truck.





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