Tiresize (square)
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine size
4.6 L
Transmission type
Manual 5-Speed

I bought this Mustang at around late 2018 as my first manual transmission car. It was the worst looking one (and cheapest) (That runs) out of the three that I found nearby on craigslist. Got the car for aroouund $3k (I overpaid). When I got it it had ugly white replica Saleen wheels. Matching with horrendous replica Saleen bumper covers and side skirts(Removed the sideskirts). I'm still looking into replacing the atrocious hood for something lighter. The car also came equipped with blown shocks and cut springs. The previous owners (ricers) used the car to install ricer boomboxes and drilled holes into the door panel to fit cheapo tweeter speakers. The wiring for the sound system originated from Walmart. I deleted the speaker system including the boombox and amp almost immediately. It is currently my daily driver.

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