2.0L TSI EA888.1 (CCTA)
Gen4 Haldex AWD
HRSPRS (Wheel)
~ 370(est.) 🐎s

Earlier this year, I bought a super low mile dieselgate A3 TDI that I'd begun modding with KermaTDI tunes and some other bits. I really liked the car but wasn't satisfied with the traction of FWD without a LSD... even though I bought it as a responsible daily commuter for the great MPGs. Unfortunately, it was totaled only a few months of use during the beginning of the Corona. I liked a lot of things about the A3 sportback, so I opted to pick up this 40k mi 2.0 TFSI (TSI) Quattro to replace it and immediately proceeded to start planning the mods. I picked up the GTX2867R Gen 2 BOSS 500 from Brian at Metric Autosport in Huntington Beach, CA. Nice guy. The big appeal of a BOSS turbo is the relative ease of installation with the DV in the stock location, and the fact that this setup SHOULD work just fine with the stock fuel system, valvetrain, and internals. If anything, the low pressure fuel pump may need to be replaced, which I'll do as a precaution and to provide margin in that part of the fuel system in the short term. A set of Ferrea valve springs might be in the picture at some point, but it does not seem to be necessary at this time. There is limited tuning support for this ECU platform. I've seen 'STAGE 3' tunes available from only a few well known groups, including APR and Unitronic. APR's tune according to them has only been used with their GTX kit using a 3Bar MAP/APR MAF. Unitronic has expressed that they are willing and able to produce a tune to suit stock fuel system ~ 400HP. Stratified has supported the BOSS for VW MK6, but the Cobb accessport does not yet support the MK2 A3 platform unfortunately. For more control and flexibility, I went with Eurodyne Maestro 7. I've picked up the Innovate PSB-1 PowerSafe Boost & wideband 02 gauge with boost cut safety features, which will be invaluable in efforts to produce a safe tune. I've begun working with Frank Mabo of Mabotech to produce a custom tune for my application. Mabotech produces tunes using Maestro and has a good reputation in the community - he's very responsive and knowledgeable, which is confidence inspiring. I understand that some additional fueling upgrades and rods/pistons may be good idea if I try and wring out all that this unit can deliver, but initially I'll tune with conservatism and torque limiting kept in mind. Currently, I've clocked a 108mph trap speed with a roll-in standing start - given the assumed weight of the car, simple calculations indicate that the car is makin around 370 hp at the wheels, or around 430 bhp. I may add water meth to make sure it can get to the low-mid 12s. I think that this BOSS unit is a great choice compared to comparably priced high-end K04 Hybrids, providing some more tuning headroom as the car evolves. I really enjoy this A3 Quattro for what it is and look forward to dialing it in - It's getting there... With the tires, coils, and alignment choices, the thing corners really well - could use some stiffer sway bars though - front and rear. I'll see then if the spring rate of the Koni coils is enough, or if they ought to be stiffer. I'm looking forward to running through the Blue Ridge Parkway and other great TN roads. Maybe with brakes and sway bars this would be something I'd autocross and take to a track day.

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Just a friendly tip to share for those intending to do a turbo upgrade besides a K04 or similar uni

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Difficult to get wrenches on some of the fasteners with limited clearance on the Quattro, but the s

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Hi all, In case you are considering Eurodyne Maestro 7 for tuning your A3 (8P) EA888.1/CCTA (ECU S

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This is how far I got today... Now I've got some room to work. Might want to remove the subframe t

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Just recently arrived in the mail - thought I'd share some pics before installing later this week.

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Here's a comparison plot of specified/actual boost from one 3rd gear pull with stock tune overlaid

[]JT Weatherman

Looking like I'm going to skip stage 2 with the downpipe and go straight to the K04 Base file, since the turbo arrived early. After the turbo installation, I might just see how the car drives a short distance with the stage 1 tune and make sure that everything is working as it should before introducing another variable with the ECU reflash. I will at least have to tweak the K04 base map to accommodate the 7150 rpm shift point potential, as the base K04 map ends at 6800 rpm. This will be the first trial of a Maestro tune.

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