265 HP
244 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3208 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

This is my 4th Subie. I've owned a '08 rex, an '11 STI, an '99 outback, and finally this one. I got into the muscle car game a few years ago when I traded in my old '11 STI for my '15 6th gen Mustang GT, which is now my 3 season show/track car. However, I always missed my first WRX. This is the one that has scratched that itch. She's been previously loved, but there hasn't been much work done to her. My plan is to convert her into a useful daily/utility sedan that can hold her own on the street and light trails. No lowering springs here. The plan is to go either stock-height stiffer springs (see King Springs) or possibly a slight lift to get closer to lakes, trails, and camps. She doesn't stay clean for long, but power and braking upgrades are in the near future. Between hauling paddle boards or other gear, she's gotta be a grocery-getter too.

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