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'16 FB20 Impreza Hatchback / Instagram: @fb20_julian & @fb20society

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homepage tile photo for JDM Impreza Sport Hybrid
JDM Impreza Sport Hybrid

Anyone can recommend company that can import a JDM Impreza Sport Hybrid bumper in the US?

[]Antoni Dabrowski

Wonder when the STi is gonna go hybrid

homepage tile photo for #Subiefest2017 💎
#Subiefest2017 💎

#Subiefest2017 💎

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Nicely done! I would rock that all day long!!!

[]Julian Rodriguez

Thank you sir!

[]Andrew Johnson

Definitely one of the more unique front ends, this looks great. I see the grill on your parts list...what else did you do to the front fascia?

[]Julian Rodriguez

Aside from the license plate relocator and license plate delete, just added a fog light kit and front lip. Bought the car without fog lights so I bought new bezels and fog lights.

[]Andrew Johnson

Great combo, it stands out but is still super clean

[]Julian Rodriguez


[]Basir Khan

How have I not come across this build before? Looks super nice!

[]Julian Rodriguez

Thanks, well I had wheelwell since it started but I only uploaded the car when it was stock and never updated it ever since till now