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        This is a two, now three owner 1968 GT. It has been sitting for the past 15 years waiting for someone like me to scoop it up and continue the restoration. I drove down to West Virginia after purchasing this car online, to meet with the previous owner and pick the car up. The guy was really nice and gave nearly every original part of the car. It has a rebuilt 289 pushrod v8 and c4 automatic transmission. I began the project by making a checklist that will be updated regularly as progress is made on the car. One really important thing that needs to be done as soon as possible is paint. Once it is cleaned up on the outside and prepped for paint, I will be doing this. I'll be continuously updating this page with the progress of the build!

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        []Chris Dirkschneider

        Love these old Mustangs! Which route are you going with it? Restomod, Ratrod, Restoring, etc?

        []Justin Cavallucci

        Restomod is the decision at the moment but I am strongly considering doing a hoonicorn style build

        []Chris Dirkschneider

        Awesome! Best of luck on your build!

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