526 HP
429 LB-FT
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.2 L
Transmission Type

Placed my order back in July for a 2016 GT350 and received it on 12/31/2015. 

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[]Justin Clark

Thanks Tyler, never driven an R so I'm jealous of you!

[]Tyler Rogers

Drove a 350R a few months ago, very jealous of you!

[]Vilim Stresec

Great way to start a new year!

[]Lazaro Carreiro

Nice Ride!! 👍🏼


That is pretty nice lookin. Great Track car for sure. Even though I am Bowtie guy I can appreciate a nice Oval seeing as I had a few stangs in the past.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Very nice!

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Yeah we are dying to do one soon. Hoping to have something in the spring, I'll keep you posted!

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Wait you got it on NYE? How great is that?

[]Tim Hughes

That's sick. Nice ride man!👍

[]Justin Clark

@Michael Gonzales - it was really nice to bring in the new year with! When are you guys doing a SF area meet???!

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