I picked up this car with a blown headgasket. The car was drivable but overheated after about 20 minutes, which was adequate for me to drive home. I pulled the head and replaced the headgasket and then proceeded to install some of the spare performance parts sitting around in my garage. I also went about fixing the car up and used to the car for nearly a year as a daily driver. The car drove great but the engine never felt quite right. After a year, I decided to install my M30 supercharger setup. So after having a turbo and supercharged E34 in my driveway, I decided to sell the 5er and finance another One Lap with the profits. Prior to selling the car, which had nearly 190k, I replaced the engine. Suddenly the M30 felt like it should, too bad I didn’t do that sooner. I always kind of knew that there must have been some internal damage from the headgasket and resulting overheating, but I wanted to see how long it would last. Turns out they’re very robust engines. This car's VIN was different from Redfive's by only 100 digits. Both where built in November of 1988, about a week apart. Turns out they came over from Germany on the same boat and probably sat at the same dealership next to each other.

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