703 HP
630 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3150 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
12 MPG

This was my first car back in late 2015, and it started out completely stock, besides an air intake. The 2v 4.6 is really nothing special at all, but instead of wishing it were 4v, i took it as a challenge to create a 2v that would pull off more upsets than you could imagine. The 2v is the underdog, so a lot of people see it and think it's an easy target, but it's far from that. Initially the plan was to go all motor, so cams and head porting were the two main modifications to be made. Those along with just about every bolt on in the book made for a pretty damn good all motor 2v, i was really happy with it. After just a couple months of driving it and loving every second of it, the timing chain tensioner decided to give out...long story short i was out thousands of dollars. Good news is, an engine rebuild gives you an excuse to do more significant mods, in this case it was to boost it and go all forged internals. The car hasnt seen the road in 6 months or so, and the turbo install is the last step to getting it back on the road again(hence no nice, newer pictures of the car put together). The goal is to hit 700whp, which just might happen based on the videos and forum posts of people running almost the same mods as i am and they're hitting 700whp without a problem. I also plan on purchasing billet specialty wheels with nitto drag radials in the near future. It will always be street legal, but i do plan on racing it so drag radials are a better option than my current wheels.

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