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        I started driving this car on September 7th 2010 at 5:45pm. I'll always remember this day because it was my first time ever behind a gas powered vehicle on a public road. I had driven golf carts and go karts but no large vehicles. It was also the day I turned 16. My grandfather picked me up from school in London, Ontario and took me to get my license. I obviously passed with flying colours and haven't looked back since. I drove this car on weekends until I got my G2, now since I can drive by myself my grandmother, of all people I know the most nervous, hands me the keys at Christmas and says take care of her. They just handed me the car!, but with one rule. They knew I loved modified cars. The rule was that I can't touch it. It stays as it came from the showroom. And I stuck to that rule, within reason though. Had to eventually swap the radio due to a faulty tape player magnet. Fast forward through road trips and 2 accidents to August 28th 2016. This vehicle is now over 10 years old, had over 400,000 kilometres registered. As I'm leaving work in the am after a very long shift, I turn the car over and notice a strange noise. Crank knock. I had to limp the car home 50 kilometres. This cars life was over. I cannot appreciate enough the work Toyota puts into their vehicles. I drove this car much harder than it should have been driven. Went close to redline almost daily while merging onto highways, took it off roading. This car was put through hell but died because of a rookie move. I forgot to check the oil. A cracked oil pan killed this vehicle. RIP Yota 2004-2016

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