I bought this car on may 30th of 2017. It’s been rebuilt to 1884cc (1.9L). It has 84mm super tech pistons with SGI forged rods and ARP Rod bolts. ARP Main and head studs. HoneyWell Garrett GTX3071R dual ball bearing turbo. Full 3” straight pipe from the turbo back. 38mm Tial external wastegate. Car made 145hp on 8psi and 214 hp and 200tq on 12psi(stock turbo setup). It’s currently not tuned and running on the Adaptronic Select ECU. Stock 6 speed, shot-peened gears. Stock LSD rear differential. 6K DDM HID projector headlights. NB1 sideskirts. Bird eye Mirrors. Autokonexion Fiber glass Fastback(rareish). Only 4000 of these were produced in 2004 and 1428/4000 in 2005 because the factory burned down. Mine is 2487/4000. Color is OEM velocity red mica. Supposedly repainted in 2010 but it’s lookin like a cheap respray as it already has imperfections and cracks(very small and minimal). I will eventually fully forge the engine! Many more upgrades and goodies to come!

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