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Just a kid with an Audi and a dream.
Kal Fortner5 days ago

One of my runs from Sunday, it was a tough course but ended up... MORE

Kal Fortner6 days ago

Thought I'd share a great video put together of Gridlife by a friend.... MORE

Kal Fortner10 days ago

Haven't been on here lately, but it's for a good reason, I've been... MORE

Kal Fortner53 days ago

Good news is that I am getting a new car today or at least new... MORE

Kal Fortner66 days ago

Toyos are all mounted up and ready for an autox next weekend!... MORE

Kal Fortner71 days ago

Track day didn't happen today...had a blowout on the way to the... MORE

Kal Fortner95 days ago

Who's going to Gridlife Midwest this year? I saw that all of the... MORE

Kal Fortner96 days ago

They're in!!!

Kal Fortner96 days ago

Racing seats were delivered yesterday, now just waiting on the... MORE

Kal Fortner101 days ago

So I guess I told Braum the wrong part number, so here's the seats... MORE

Kal Fortner103 days ago

Just found out my seats won't get here until mid April. 😩

Kal Fortner106 days ago

Here's the new seats that hopefully will be here soon.

Kal Fortner106 days ago

Love how the pearl looks at night.

Kal Fortner112 days ago

Just ordered some red racing seats for the A6! I'll keep you guys... MORE

Kal Fortner159 days ago

Okay guys so I just signed up for the Gridlife time attack. The... MORE

Kal Fortner165 days ago

I haven't posted in a while, not much to post about this time of... MORE

Kal Fortner185 days ago

Here's the first part of the video. #quattroseason #vorsprungdurchtechnik... MORE

Kal Fortner185 days ago

Somewhere in Canada... #quattroseason #vorsprungdurchtechnik #c5union... MORE

Kal Fortner185 days ago

New exhaust. #flowmaster #catback #fastaudi #c5union #c5gang #audic5... MORE

Kal Fortner196 days ago

It's Quattro Season!

Kal Fortner203 days ago

Who needs a winter beater when you have an Audi as a track car!... MORE

Kal Fortner213 days ago

Hope everyone's having a good Thanksgiving!

Kal Fortner221 days ago

Winter mode! 🐼🐼🐼

Kal Fortner222 days ago

Anyone in the Chicago area want to do a cruise?

Kal Fortner223 days ago

That feeling when there's no more meets in your area until spring....... MORE

Kal Fortner223 days ago

Put on the winter tires yesterday...but this spring I'll be getting... MORE