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Kal Fortner

Just a kid with an Audi and a dream.
Kal Fortner90 days ago

Nice shot of my car from my last autocross

[]Ernie Szots 1 point

Very cool.

Kal Fortner118 days ago

One of my runs from Sunday, it was a tough course but ended up finding the right lines by the end of the day. #audi #racecar #autocross #autox #audisport #vorsprungdurchtechnik #unrealsoc #unrealsociety #fastaudi #audiv8 #v8 #straightpipe #b7s4 #leagueofperformance #loud #pov #racing #becauseracecar #scca #inrscca #greatdriver #racecardriver #toyotires #toyoer888r #r888r #rcompound #truthinengineering #grip #timeattackcar

Kal Fortner119 days ago

Thought I'd share a great video put together of Gridlife by a friend. My car is in the video and all of the in car shots are of my car in time attack. It's the white S4. I'll try to update the mod list tonight.


[]Haris Bijedic 1 point

Awesome video!

[]Ernie Szots 2 points

Really cool.

Kal Fortner123 days ago

Haven't been on here lately, but it's for a good reason, I've been getting my car ready for Gridlife which was this past weekend. If you haven't gone yet, you need to go to either the one upcoming in Atlanta of next year at Gingerman. It is one of the best automotive events in the world. I will update my cars page most likely tonight and that should take a while because I've done a lot to it since I was last on here. It performed great in time attack.

[]Ernie Szots 1 point

Looking forward to the updates. Post pics/vids if you've got 'em. Only thing I've watched about Gridlife so far is Tyler Fialko's first vid on it.

Kal Fortner166 days ago

Good news is that I am getting a new car today or at least new to me. It is a 2006 B6 S4 that already comes lowered on H&R suspension. It also has BBS CH-R wheels on it. Same bolt pattern so I can use the Toyos and any other tires/wheels that I had for the A6 on it. Bad news is that the A6 has been totaled. A deer ran out in front of my on a twisty road and stupidly I swerved, clipped the gravel which was going down hill on either side of the road causing me to be unable to recover the car. I hit a pole and thankfully I was going the speed limit because it could have been worse. I was perfectly okay since it was relatively low speed but the car was not. However, it is just a car and now I have a car that will be more competitive at Gridlife! Look forward to this car's build because it will be a good one. I'll post it in my garage tonight when


[]Basir Khan 3 points

Glad to hear you're okay!

[]Sheldon Hall 2 points

Glad you're alright man! The S4 is going sound soo nice with an exhaust.

Kal Fortner180 days ago

Toyos are all mounted up and ready for an autox next weekend!

Kal Fortner184 days ago

Track day didn't happen today...had a blowout on the way to the track at 85 mph. Car's fine and everything was under complete control thanks to Quattro. I'll have to wait until May 19 now to do some practice at Gingerman before the Time Attack event at Gridlife. Good news though is I ended up getting the R888R's today.


[]Ernie Szots 2 points

Glad you and the car are fine after a blowout at 85 mph. That could have been all bad.

[]Jeff Scott 2 points

Great it didnt happen on track obviously. Good karma.

Kal Fortner208 days ago

Who's going to Gridlife Midwest this year? I saw that all of the driving tickets are sold out so I'd be cool to see what cars are going to be there.

Kal Fortner209 days ago

They're in!!!

Kal Fortner210 days ago

Racing seats were delivered yesterday, now just waiting on the brackets...Shooting for having most of the mods done by mid April. Going to do bigger canards with a front splitter. Also, I should be ordering some R888R's soon with hyper bronze Cosmis R1's. Do you guys think the engine will cope fine with the higher G's?

Kal Fortner214 days ago

So I guess I told Braum the wrong part number, so here's the seats that I am getting now. They'll be here Monday. They're still red, just not suede.

Kal Fortner216 days ago

Just found out my seats won't get here until mid April. 😩

Kal Fortner219 days ago

Here's the new seats that hopefully will be here soon.

Kal Fortner219 days ago

Love how the pearl looks at night.

Kal Fortner226 days ago

Just ordered some red racing seats for the A6! I'll keep you guys updated on the install when they come in.

Kal Fortner272 days ago

Okay guys so I just signed up for the Gridlife time attack. The thing that I am kind of stressing about is the part of the rules that say that they can deny your entry if they feel that you are not at least an intermediate driver based on some evaluation questions. I have had about 2 years of experience and have driven on 3 different tracks which were both answers to the questions listed. I also put that I do autocross and rally cross in the snow. Is that enough to be considered intermediate?

Kal Fortner278 days ago

I haven't posted in a while, not much to post about this time of year by me that is car related, but big things are coming this spring for the A6. Also, I'll be getting racing seats next month for it.

Kal Fortner298 days ago

Here's the first part of the video. #quattroseason #vorsprungdurchtechnik #c5union #unrealsociety #fastaudi #v8 #quattro #audi #audime #snowdrifting #doughnuts #hoonigan #audisport #audisportquattro #leagueofperformance #kwsuspension #hrswaybar #drifting #racecar #somewhereincanada #πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Kal Fortner298 days ago

Somewhere in Canada... #quattroseason #vorsprungdurchtechnik #c5union #unrealsociety #fastaudi #v8 #quattro #audi #audime #snowdrifting #doughnuts #hoonigan #audisport #audisportquattro #leagueofperformance #kwsuspension #hrswaybar #drifting #racecar #somewhereincanada #πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Kal Fortner298 days ago

New exhaust. #flowmaster #catback #fastaudi #c5union #c5gang #audic5 #audi #leagueofperformance #lowered #racecar #becauseracecar #snapcracklepop #unrealsoc #unrealsociety #kwsuspension #hrswaybars #coilovers #kwcoilovers #audisport #s #s6 #audigang #vorsprungdurchtechnik #truthinengineering #exhaust #trackcar #auditrackcar #moddedaudi #loweredaudi #hashtag

Kal Fortner309 days ago

It's Quattro Season!

Kal Fortner316 days ago

Who needs a winter beater when you have an Audi as a track car! (lots of handbrake usage today)

Kal Fortner326 days ago

Hope everyone's having a good Thanksgiving!

Kal Fortner335 days ago

Winter mode! 🐼🐼🐼

Kal Fortner335 days ago

Anyone in the Chicago area want to do a cruise?

Kal Fortner336 days ago

That feeling when there's no more meets in your area until spring....

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