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homepage tile photo for NA transmission in NB
NA transmission in NB

So, I just bought a 1999 Miata. Originally was a automatic, the previous owner did a swap but did a

[]Hayden Baker

The NA and NB miatas are the most similar of the 4 generations. Most of the parts are interchangeable. There shouldn't be any issues assuming he did it correctly. If it ever messes up, you could maybe upgrade to a 6 speed tranny for cheap.

[]Kayla Jean

Thank you, that definitely puts my mind at ease. I guess really the only thing that doesn't work is the speedo..

[]Hayden Baker

You could get a GPS speedo or I'm sure a shop could wire in one using stock Mazda parts

[]Kayla Jean

Yeah that's what I have now. I'm not to worried about it honestly. Thank you for your help!