230 HP
235 LB-FT
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
155 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
14.1 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG

I first got my Subaru WRX in January 2015. It is a 2006 TR. When I purchased it from the dealership it had 131,000 mile on it. It is currently my only vehicle, but I am slowly building it up to be a peppy little car that I can really go anywhere in. I live in Salt Lake City, UT so I needed something that would be good in the snow but also be fun to drive. I used to drive a 1992 Nissan 300zx which was TERRIBLE in the snow. So far I absolutely love this car and look forward to owning it for a long time!

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[]Jeff Bowman

Wow.... that’s a well done Hawkeye! Following

[]Keawe Gibson

Thank you!

[]Kamil Kotarski

That's a really clean Impreza!

[]Keawe Gibson


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