100 HP
150 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2000 LB
Engine Size
1.9 L
Transmission Type
5 speed
Top Speed
115 MPH
Zero to Sixty
10 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
47 MPG

I bought this car in august 2013, it was in good condition, 1owner car, high on the miles... Replaced the interior, fixed the heating, polished it, replaced some worn parts. I was a happy man, however in march 2014 it got stolen! The police found it a day later, damaged, blown engine, interior in pieces.... So a new engine was sourced from a Seat Toledo 1.9TD, that's an AAZ engine fyi. We replaced the stock seat turbo to the stock one from a GTD intercooler SB engine. From a KKK K03 to a KKK K14, added the OEM intercooler of the mk2 and tuned the dieselpump and added a little bit of boost ;-) At the same time I replaced the entire suspension with PU bushings, aswell as the motormounts and upgraded to KW variant 1 coilovers and fitted some OMP strutbraces and subframe connectors. I also converted it to power assisted steering and added a G60(the top spec golf) swaybar in the front. I decided i wanted to keep an eye on the new engine and installed a few gauges(boost, oilpressure and temp + a voltage meter). After seeing the oiltemps rise on motorways, I installed a mocal thermostatic oilcooler. It soon became clear the brakes waren't up to par, despite already having upgraded to vented discs(yes they were solid stock) and ferodo ds2500 pads. So a set of G60 brakes from a corrado was sourced and fully rebuild, I upgraded the mastercylinder to suit. The rear are still the stock drums, however I have the hardware to upgrade the to G60 disc brakes, however I'm going to convert to rear axle with a swaybar. I have the parts lying around, just haven't gotten round to doing the upgrade. Exterior wise: the car was fully repainted and fully converted to G60 looks. Interior wise: fully stripped and then insulated with dynamat superlite and dynaliner and then redid everything! Rebuild the dash, rebuild the headliner, changed the headliner to black upholstery, black carpets were sourced from a gti, gti seats and doorcards were installed. A votex console was sourced and installed with vdo gauges to match the OEM gauges. The devil is in the details, red stitched carpets, black leather momo tuner steering wheel with red stitching, gear gaiter in black leather with red stitching, vw motorsport leather gearknob and a golf rallye leather handbrake.  B and C pillars were changed to black, the A pillars are always black on mk2's. The radio and speakers have been changed over to modern stuff, no subwoofer, that's to heavy :-) What's left to improve? -Power, the 'tune' is really conservative (0,7bar of boost and no smoke) -Handling (GTI rear axle has already been sourced) -Brakes (G60 rear brakes have been sourced) -Alignment needs to be done -Proper grippy tyres

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[]Tyler Dube

Looks fantastic

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Glad you saved it, twice.

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