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        This whole story starts out when I was 16 I picked this car up in Atlanta GA from a MR2 enthusiast and drove it back 5 hours to my house in Asheville NC. The very next day i drove the car with a big car group (WNCRides) to the Tail of the Dragon, with only driving the MR2 for the 5 hour trip back from GA I was really nervous to drive it on the mountain roads we were taking to the Dragon. Well i did blow a wheel bearing on the way there which kept me from driving as hard as I wanted, Since that happened I rode with my friend in his widebody MR2. Riding in his around on the dragon I knew this is the car i wanted to build. Fast forward 2 years I went through 2 4AGE motors and knew i needed more power and torque for the mountain roads. I decided on the Beams 3SGE motor and picked one up from my friend with the widebody MR2 who had one that came out of his SW20 MR2. Now that i have the powerplant figured out i have to build around that, so i decided to install a 6 point cage with a removable petty bar so i can run a passeneger if needed. Suspention and braking were the next priority I had to deal with and wasn't hard to decide what to do. BC RM Coilovers, RCAs and Technotoytuning Tension control rods made their way under each wheel well. ST205 4 pot calipers up from with SW20 turbo brakes in the rear paired with stainless steel brakelines will do perfectly in the light MR2. Now comes aerodynamics and wheels which are still in the making so I'll have to come back to you on those. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my build so far, Follow my IG, Youtube, and Facebook @KJBuilds

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