Curb Weight
3000 LB
Engine Size
4.942 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)

In April 2014, I was in the market for a car after saving up for several years. I was looking to go fast, streetable yet with a huge aftermarket. I am an import guy, but at the time my budget just couldn't afford the Skyline GTRs. My parents offered to buy me a BMW 3 Series brand new off the show-room floor but I really didn't want to be "that" guy that drives around a car their parents bought him. I wanted something of my own. So I bought this piece of crap, rust bucket of a Mustang, and overpaid for it. For those of you that have heard the sound of the 302 motor, we can agree that it is absolutely addicting. No other engine sounds quite the same. With that in mind, I want something fast, yet streetable that I can have fun in...blasting "Fade to Black" with my windows rolled down. Keep in mind, I knew almost nothing about mechanical work, and I've done most of the modifications on this car myself, thanks to the help of the internet. Everyone I knew told me I was crazy and told me I couldn't do it. Armed with nothing but the internet and hand tools, here I am. At the moment it's finally on the road, with a new performance AOD transmission and a rebuilt rear end.  Future upgrades will be suspension, strengthened 28 spline axles with a 5 lug conversion and new tires. Winter 2015: 408 stroker,  forged internals and getting some proper gauges. 

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[]Tony Eddington

cool story . thanks for not choosing the path to "that guy". doing the work yourself builds character and you will appreciate your mustang even more.

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