This 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic (a.k.a. Vauline) was ordered by my late grandfather at Wilson Chevrolet in Morgantown, WV; which is no longer in business. The car has been garage-kept since it arrived, and has done a lot of sitting as of 2008 when my grandfather stopped driving the car. Shortly after my grandfather past in 2012, my grandmother gave me the car. The goal was to get the car running again and to take my grandmother for a ride in the car, but she past away in 2015 before I had an opportunity to do so. Since then, my father and I have been working on the car when we can. We had the car running and driving back in 2016, but it created a coolant leak shortly after. We recently pulled the motor and tore it down to the bare block between February and March of 2020, only to discover that there is a lot of rust and settlement in the block. As much as I would like to keep the original motor, I realized that it would cost more to try to save the motor than it would to just replace it. So, that is what I am preparing to do, along with a couple of performance mods before dropping the new motor into the engine bay...stay tuned. I am also planning on the following: Phase 1: Drivetrain/Powertrain - Swap out the stock TH200 for a Monster Transmission 700R4 SS Transmission Master Conversion Package 2WD -- I am going to have the 700R4 that I have in storage rebuilt as a part of a conversion package -- Also will need the crossmember designed for the car to allow for the 700R4 install and dual exhaust - Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System (for 1964-72 Chevrolet Chevelle) - Replace the stock LM1 350ci with a Chevrolet Performance Universal 350ci/265 HP Crate Engine with: -- Lunati 280/290 Barebones Hydraulic Flat Tappet K-Kit Swap -- Edelbrock Performer 2101 Intake Manifold Swap -- Rebuilt Carter-built M4MC 800 CFM Quadrajet (retaining the Hot Air Choke) from the original motor -- High-Temp Chevy Orange (I know that it is not period correct), Hight-Temp Silver (cylinder heads only) and the accessories in High-Temp Black - Repurpose the v-belt engine accessory drive (minus A/C compressor and bracket), harmonic balancer, flexplate, engine oil dipstick and tube, air cleaner (minus the air inlet from the radiator support to the air cleaner) and valve covers from the stock LM1 Small Block Chevy - Rebuild the alternator with new components and with a slight increase in amperage - Upgrade the mechanical fan to an electric fan - Repaint the stock steel wheels in VHT Gloss Black Wheel Paint - Purchase and install Spider Center Caps - Purchase and install Spider Cap Beauty Rings - Install previously gifted Wheel Vintique Wheel Trim Rings Phase 2: Safety (Brakes, Electrical, Steering and Suspension) - Replace all hard lines and hoses for brake and fuel systems - Upgrade the rear drum brakes to disc brakes - Replace all bushings with polyurethane bushings - Replace steering and suspension parts as needed - Replace all electrical wiring and related components - Update the existing exterior lights with Super Bright LEDs LED bulb conversions and resistor harnesses - Replace the stock sealed-beam headlights with semi-sealed-beam conversion headlights with LED bulbs and resistor harnesses - Install a universal daytime running light module - Install a universal sequential kit on the tail lights Phase 3: Finishing Touches - Replace the stock gauges with Dakota Digital HDX Series Gauges and Accessories - Replace the vacuum controlled cruise control with Dakota Digital Cruise Control and Accessories - Have the stock radio upgraded with modern AM/FM Receiver and Bluetooth/AAC - Replace the original HVAC system with a Street Rod Cooler III Universal Air Conditioning Unit and Accessories from Classic Auto Air??? - Replace stock engine accessory drive brackets with Alan Grove Components accessory drive brackets - Custom Front and Rear Dorchester Velour Seat Covers from Dash Designs - Replace the stock steel wheels with U.S. Wheel Rat Rod (Series 65) Wheels and Accessories - Diamond Back Tire Diamond Back 1-1/2" Whitewall Radial Tires

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