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[]Jesse Sammons

Thanks for letting me know. I have a turbo in the trunk waiting for me to have time, an LSD differential and more, but I always am feeling like I want better seats. The 4 point rollbar already has a bar for mounting the harnesses I just haven't chosen the seats I want.

[]Kevin Bandy

I'd recommend sitting in them before you buy. They are some of the skinniest seats at the waist and shoulders (more apparent at the waist). The upside is that they fit in an NA without having to modify the transmission tunnel. I drive mine to the track and occasionally around town, a 3.5 hour drive gets pretty uncomfortable, but anything short of that is absolutely tolerable. I would highly recommend them. If you fit, they are really great at holding you in place and keeping you comfy.

[]Jesse Sammons

Hey man I'm trying to pick out seats for my Miata, how comfortable are the Sprints for a day to day basis? My miata isn't the ONLY thing I will be driving but it is a DD sometimes.