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Torqued Performance Map Torqued Performance Map






This is a night and day difference from any Off The Shelf Cobb map. Eric custom tailors to your car on the road (as how it should be, you drive on the road, not a dyno, personal preference). He responds very quickly. He is a great guy who takes time to care for your needs and I can not continue to say how amazing he is until you get a map for yourself. He will walk you through the process and it's very easy. He does both Open-Source and Cobb Accessport. To use the Accessport, you must download a software (for free) off Cobb's site, called Access Tuner Race. He will then send you the maps and you will convert them in that program. To ensure your car is tuned properly, he will ask you to give datalogs of 30 minutes of normal driving, 15 street, 15 highway. Then a 2nd gear pull, and finally a 1,2,3 gear pull. He will then fix the map and send you a new one until it gets done. You must do this, I can not say how great it is.




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