Process West N/A Process West Top Mount Intercooler

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Process West N/A Process West Top Mount Intercooler






I swapped over from a VF52 to a 20G to achieve my power goals, the Perrin was not able to fit on my car so a new TMIC was needed. I decided to spend the money and get the best. The installation of this was a bit of a pain. The bracket to hold the intercooler was made for a manual transmission and had to be bent hardcore to fit a 4EAT. The driver side bracket is rubbing on the brake reservoir. The way it sits is slightly to the right (driver side) and not as centered as I wish it was. I was really disappointed because other than that, it is a great intercooler that has less soak than the Perrin. They should have made a bracket for an auto since this would work on a forester xt 4EAT as well. Still a great intercooler though.




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