Subaru N/A Group N Engine Mounts

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Subaru N/A Group N Engine Mounts






After the install, I notice that the car feel more solid on shifting, almost no engine movement while revving. The front end of the car feels more planted over bumpers, some decrease body roll in the corners (most likely from not having an engine moving around in the engine bay), better start-ups and shut offs (quicker, less movement). The NVH wasn't to bad but it does suck a little bit, no increase in noise or harshness but there is a little vibration at idle that may or may not make some interior pieces rattle. I'd say do it to take the slop out of the engine bay but if you plan for a comfy DD, do not do these and stick to the stock mounts. These did not help with the car lurching when you get off or on the throttle though.




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