EBC Brakes N/A EBC Sport Pads (Red Stuff) and Slotted rotors

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EBC Brakes N/A EBC Sport Pads (Red Stuff) and Slotted rotors






I needed to change my brakes so I decided on an upgrade on the stock brake parts. I chose EBC Red Stuff because it worked great on the stock rotors and emits low brake dust (although still managed to get my bright silver stock wheels to turn gunmetal). The fade on them is pretty decent. You will start feeling it slowly so you know how much you have left. As for the rotors, I had the Slotted/Drilled Sport Rotors. The brake fade with these made it much lower. No problems stopping the car real quick once they warm up. As for warming them up, in the summer, they warm up pretty quickly, some notice when you start driving the car but after a few stops, they are all good to go. In the winter, they warm up really slowly, a lot more mushy once you start stopping as well. For daily use the rotors do way more than what is needed but once you start getting on them, they really shine. They are a good mix between the two in my opinion.




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