Curb Weight
A ton LB
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed Standard
MPG (City/Highway)
Reasonable MPG

Once upon a time, she came to me Thanksgiving of 2012 by way of a flipper who acquired her at an auction in which she was donated by an elderly couple. So, as her second steward, she came to me completely stock and somewhat broken. She still is somewhat broken, but has some shiny new parts slapped on, take that as you will. Ida, my old silver Volvo wagon was intended to be a secondary car to my main squeeze Judith, a Nissan 240sx (S13). She was meant to be a comfortable, reliable, frugal, practical, pragmatic, spacious and leisurely ride. I had the pleasure of lumbering through the twisty forest lined mountain road of a friend's lent wagon. It was akin to watching your death in slow motion, because it's sense of any urgency was comparable to waiting in the emergency room for anything other than chest pains and death. So, I had to have my own. Ida was intended to be the kind of woman you'd want to marry and show your folks. She had a certain charm, pretty, homely, would be there for you no matter what, and would never dare to suffocate you as you slept, but she knew how to always make you laugh. She understood and accepted your flaws, unlike Judith, who was hot, wild, and bothered. She'd likely run off with a Mexican drug lord, but therein lie her attractiveness; she was unpredictable, brazen, a whole lot of fun, and your heart would always skip a beat around her for either fear of death or excitement of living teetering on the edge. I began to give more time and attention to Ida; she truly deserved it. Little by little, here and there showing some restraint, I showered her with my affection. Judith was beginning to become neglected. At that time I wanted to discover what I truly yearned for; My heart was set on my dream gal. Judith was my first, she was amazing, but was always a compromise. I finally met my dream gal, Thelma, a fiery orange Datsun 240z. I digress, that if for another story. Judith was a product of my youthful and blissful foolishness. She was cobbled together to become something that would make you sore, ache, and thankful that you were still alive, but she was so fun that you try not to mind at all. When I would go out with Judith, we would always have a good time, but seemed to always attract the wrong kind of attention. I was growing tiresome of her antics. So after a decade, I left her to run free. She was my first and I will always admire and remember her. The story of Ida, will be a continuing one, for she is and will be an ever faithful companion.

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