This is my 2017 Civic Si that I bought and paid off already. Love the car and adding parts makes it better and better. Have FBO with custom tune and looking to building my motor soon and we’ll as upgrade the tranny gearings. Part list as of now are: 27Won W1 Turbocharger (E-tuned by Derek Robinson), Eman's Modified CMC, RV6 Catless dp and fp, Custom SS 3" exhaust with two vibrant ultra quiet resonators, PRL Race Si Cai, Agency Power Intercooler with CNT Racing Intercooler Piping, Perrin FK8 RMM, PRL SS Clutch Line, Exedy Stage 2 and Exedy Single Mass Flywheel, and Hybrid Racing Gold Full Short Shifter.

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[]Jeff Bowman

Got the stock dyne numbers? Curious to see how much they claim vs what it actually puts down

[]Kevin To

I made with a RV6 Catless DP and Injen CAI afterwards considering my stock clutch slipped as well 201whp and 230wtq on the same dyno obviously at 16 to 16.5 psi. But now will get retuned since I have all my new parts installed including the FX350 clutch where I don’t have to worry about slipping anymore lol.

[]Kevin To

On stock baseline with all stock parts I made 178whp and 194wtq using a Mustang Dynamometer with PowerDyne. I guess people say mustang dynos tend to read lower than dynojets or others.

[]Kevin To

aFe Power Exhaust 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan

[]Alex Tuned

Would love to see a picture of the dyno chart & sheet!

[]Kevin To

Soon lol getting it retuned now that my FX350 clutch is broken in.

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