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Kit Lau

Wheelwell's federal carbon offset credit and dog hair aficionado.


Trust me, I've heard all the jokes out there for a Prius. Come at me bruh 😁

Kit Lau12 days ago

Thank you everyone who responded to me on the private message about featuring your ride for Wheelwell's Inside the Build. We received many awesome submissions! Skylar and I can't wait to go through them and put them on the Inside the Build emails! Please keep uploading those new pictures and keep filling out those parts. The more filled out your car is, the better it'll look when the readers land on your car profile page from the email! If


[]Ed GataMeLiga

:o Do you notify us wether or not we made it?

[]Kit Lau

yes - Skylar should reach out to you when we're going to run your feature that week.

[]Sawyer Lantz

I replied but you never got back to me. 😕

[]Kit Lau

Getting to it now!

[]Yves Vds

Great news. Welcome Skylar!

[]Porsche GT3


Kit Lau111 days ago

Any parts on sale that you swooped up for your ride during this past black friday/cyber monday?


[]Josko Rivic

Lovely dogs there 👍👍

[]Kit Lau

Thank you!

[]Robert Sixto

Unfortunately no, not much in the mod budget these days.

[]Jon Dagata

Yes! I bought some hood struts so I don't need that damn kickstand. haha. They were half off. :P

[]Josh Scully

Nope waiting till the snow flys here in the Northeast to break the piggy bank!

[]Sheldon Hall

No I did not. My motto was "You save every dollar you don't spend".

[]Tobias Linder

Not for the car unfortunately. I got myself a new monitor for the computer instead.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Way to many Kit!!! Way tooooo many!!!

[]Ernie Szots

I kept my eye on some Amazon deals, but didn't pull the trigger on anything this year.

[]Tom Armstrong

I did! haha. Finally purchased a cold air intake to go along with the 6 speed swap.

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Kit Lau123 days ago

It's #favoritefriday again ya'll! What's your favorite car from the movie franchise Fast and the Furious???


[]David Sandbak

So many great cars. Definitely the Skyline though.

[]Joseph Renaud

Ford escort

[]Sebastian Nounou

Lol oh man. I liked a lot of those cars....some of them not so after the mods.

[]Ryan Howell

The 1970 Charger by far

[]Robert Sixto

I'm probably in the minority for car people, but I never cared for the movies, and really don't care for any of these cars aesthetic.

[]Ramon Kaspers

I actually like the Bayside Blue 2002 Skyline R34 GT-R he build with the R35 bits.

[]Bret Svoboda

The Skyline from the beginning 2 Fast.

[]Tyler Ford

Dks 350z

[]Elijah White

S2000 or veilside rx7

[]Matt Reed

That orange Toyota Supra is my favorite.

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Kit Lau126 days ago

I always love the names people give to their cars. Mine is Pearl and Glacier. What's yours??


[]Sac Car Scene

I haven't named mine yet, but would like to name a Japanese name sinceit's a Subaru. I would think perhaps something like Hachi short for Hachi Roku 86

[]Toby Wright

Lol that's funny

[]Carlos Julien Jr

C55 is Natasha, gmc is King David, my eg is UG4, e30 is Boris and my wrangler The General.

[]Big Mike

Named my Xb LilToaster

[]Kit Lau

that is perfect!

[]Maximilian Rockatansky

My chassis is called Blue Velvet. The engine is named Kinky Kylie or Cosworth poetically calls it SBUK-113.

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[]Thomas Hisaw

My Miata was: Experiment 626 (Stitch)
My 860 is: Pegasus

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Kit Lau130 days ago

Name your favorite car paint color or combos. GO! Mine: gulf blue and orange #favoritefridays


[]Andrew Taylor

Royal purple and satin black, seafoam green and gunmetal

[]Kit Lau

I dig the seafoam green and gunmetal!

[]Andrew Taylor

I had a seafoam green and gunmetal pignose s13 once.

[]Robert Linsenbach

Nardo Gray, Blue Dyno Pearl 2, & world rally blue pearl.

[]Levi Spaans

Subaru blue with gold rims

[]Caedmon Evans

B12 blue

[]Dre Freeza

SI blue and BMW Silver

[]Robert Linsenbach

Which gen SI

[]Alex chris Marshall

Red but depends on the car , i like the combination of grey and red together

[]Peter J Nielsen

Black or silver, which depends upon what car it will go on

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Kit Lau132 days ago

Happy humpday ya'll! If someone gave you $1million tomorrow to buy any car in the world, what would you get?


[]Bret Svoboda

Huracan for me. Great styling and can get around a track just as fast as a 918 Spyder with no FI.

[]Tobias Linder

I wouldn't get any other car. I'd instead dump a lot into my current project and make it the dream car I always wanted. Though, possibly I'd get a Nissan 180SX or a Silvia, just because of their legendary drive-ability. Oh, and I'd get an FD Mazda RX-7, because that body is sexy as all hell.

[]Kenn H

2017 Cadillac CTS-V for me Trackhawk for my wife and nice house pocket the rest

[]Kit Lau

need more men like you in this world

[]Benito Martinez

A 1986 Toyota corrola ae86 levin

[]Timothy Markworth

Car hauler ramp truck...which I will certainly be needing after I build up a fleet of shit cars with the ~$950k I pocketed.

[]Kit Lau

hahahhaha good one

[]Alex chris Marshall

I would build my dream car collection, mustang gt, wrx sti ,grand cherokee new m5 and an old lambo:)

[]Crale Spicer

If I had 1 million dollars I would take your mother out to a very nice lobster dinner and never call her again.

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[]Michael Reynolds

If i had a million dollars i would by my dream house my dream bike and my wifes dream car and just set myself and family for

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Kit Lau133 days ago

Over the weekend I accidentally happened upon a car meet. Met some awesome people, told them about the Well, hopefully they will find their way here :)


[]Sammie Robertson

Loving that lineup of Subarus!

[]Ernie Szots


Kit Lau139 days ago

What's your biggest pet peeve about other drivers on the road? (A side from Asian females who drives a Prius *chuckles*) Mine is lane splitting without signaling and going slow on the fast lane. 


[]Sac Car Scene

Sunday drivers! Especially the one's with a van full of people all looking around like they are lost.

[]Thomas Hisaw

People Who Cahnge Lanes Across An Intersection Because They Are In A Turn Lane And Decided They Want To Go Straight Instead!

People Who Hold Up Traffic For 10 Minutes Because They Want To Turn Left On A Busy Intersection!

People Who Ignore Signs That Say “No Left Turn” But They Do So Anyway Instead Of Using The Proper On/Off Ramps!

[]Porsche Duésnburg

Those who impede the left lane... as my grandmum would say "if you won't do the speed, don't impede!"
I won't even mention those who don't use their signals then get pissed when you don't react the way they expect you to because you didn't know what way they were going!

[]Dan Newman

Slow highway entrys

[]Brandon Pettit

People who are touchy with their brakes like c'mon I'm tight behind you do you wanna get rammed

[]Joshua Taylor

Met someone like that on a road trip once. Was stuck behind a person who would tap the brakes every 15seconds like freaking clockwork going 10kmh under the limit with no one ahead of them! I was stuck behind them for an hour and a half!

[]Brandon Pettit

Damn that does suck

[]Kris Acirbo

When you're on the freeway and someone changes lanes infront of u and they slow down!! Like damn it u seen me coming up in ur side mirror can't u wait til I pass!!!

[]Diverse Motors

Exactly:: or even when u leave a small gap so u dont have to ride behind the other car and someone cuts in and makes that gap smaller & makes u brake hard... nonsense

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[]Diverse Motors

When someone turns all the way left from the first lane..(vice versa)

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Kit Lau147 days ago

Hey everyone! I see a lot of new faces here, would love to get to know a little bit about you and your builds, and what brought you to Wheelwell!

Kit Lau298 days ago

I am curious and interested to hear and see what everyone's usernames are! With username/special handles, there's usually a unique story behind it. What's yours and what does it mean? 

Kit Lau397 days ago

Any suggestions helps! This is my commuter/high mileage car.  


[]Anthony Mattocks

The first oil change in my opinion.

[]Kit Lau

I found out there's different grades of synthetic; if it makes you feel better, i did go full synthetic :D

Kit Lau397 days ago

Apparently there are fake carpool stickers and they're in high demand. Sure glad I got it when i did. It makes the commute a lot eaiser. 

Kit Lau469 days ago

I was driving around my loaner all day because the minibus had some recalls I kept putting off to get it fixed. Man, it sure was fun driving a non hybrid/non eco car lol 🙌🏼

Kit Lau501 days ago

This is a real life Transformer

Kit Lau547 days ago

Mondays are for naps and motorbikes

Kit Lau550 days ago

So excited for the new Wheelwell app update!!! If you have an iPhone you definitely need to download it :)

Kit Lau552 days ago

Daily struggle of someone who works at Wheelwell: 1) Have to do something related to the site 2) Tabs back to and sees the newsfeed 3) Found something funny/interesting/cool car pictures on the newsfeed, proceed to scroll and click some more, like posts, keep going 4) 10 mins later, what was I suppose to do again? 5) Rinse and repeat

Kit Lau603 days ago

Two Grannies, One Lamborghini | Donut Media

Kit Lau615 days ago

Me and Micaela at the Wheelwell office today. I am going to miss seeing her in the office 😩

Kit Lau623 days ago

On another Ferrari related post (since my friends on here are posting a bunch of ferraris)... #lifegoals

Kit Lau670 days ago


Kit Lau719 days ago

So we don't know what it looks like and people are already linning up for it.... oh Tesla, you're totally pulling an Apple!

Kit Lau847 days ago

Gave me the lulz

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