-1000 HP
105 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3194 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
25 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
65 MPG

RIP 3.22.19 Ever wonder what it would be like to completely remove all the adrenaline and excitement from driving a fast and powerful car? Drive a Prius and you'll know what that's like.   Purchased in late 2014 mainly for the HOV access for my Bay Area commutes and for it's hatchback, the Plug-In Prius provides easy access and ample cargo space for my three Great Pyrenees dogs.   Custom bone color leather seats were added to complete the Blizzard look as Pyrmobile #2.  Didn't buy this to be cool, bought this because it's a Prius and they're pretty much the most reliable thing you can find in the market and most importantly carpool lane access during my rush hour commutes.  But that's only till 2019, then I'll have to get a full electric. It's a terrible car to drive if you love driving cars with any power. This thing gives me heart palpitations when I try to go up the hills with more than 2 people in the car.  

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Kit Lau823 days ago

Any suggestions helps! This is my commuter/high mileage car.  


[]Anthony Mattocks

The first oil change in my opinion.

[]Kit Lau

I found out there's different grades of synthetic; if it makes you feel better, i did go full synthetic :D

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Kit Lau823 days ago

Apparently there are fake carpool stickers and they're in high demand. Sure glad I got it when i did. It makes the commute a lot eaiser. 

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[]Maggie Johnson

Dogs make literally everything better

[]Kit Lau


[]Mats Sweden

That's cool looking dogs, aren't there any power-kit to those in Japan??(the car) :)

[]Kit Lau

thanks :) i am not sure if i want to put a power-kit on this... i'll just get a new car altogether :P

[]Mats Sweden

I understand :) what type of car are that you want??

[]Kit Lau

The sky's the limit right? When I get there.. I'll really have to think hard. I do want a sleeper tho :)

[]Jon Dagata

Cute puppers! What breed are they?

[]Kit Lau

Great Pyrenees :)

[]Jon Dagata

Cute. :)

[]Dennis Garcia

Cool car!!! Gas saver and HOV approved...can't beat that! :-)

[]Teagan Alexander

I love those two dogs!

[]Jarelle Alexander

do u likr my r32 gtr

[]Sean Richards

Gotta love a dog lover.

[]Kit Lau

Yes 🐶!

[]Ben Porter

haha i like electric vehicles. true car guys like them too. EVwest are typical car guys. i hope to build a EV sooner than later! maybe im waiting to see what Elon is going to release next [3]

[]Nathanael Jones

Well, our claim to environmental responsibility is that we recycle used parts on our old jalopies. :)

[]Kit Lau

Hey, anything helps! The way I see it, I'd rather be passing people in traffic through the carpool lane than getting stuck bumper to bumper, muahhaha!

[]Kit Lau

Thank you! I appreciate it. Too bad majority of the people on Wheelwell loves hating on my plug-in Prius. Oh well, someone's gotta be the carbon offset haha.

[]Nathanael Jones

Ohhh, man. I totally get the HOV lane reasoning and reliability.

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