550 HP
490 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3281 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
10 MPG

I bought this car in august of 2016 with no idea about the platform. I had no plans of modifying the car which lasted all of about 2 months. I got the vehicle with an AP that was running a stage 1 OTS map. It didn't take long after my purchase to start researching the car and the issues that they have which steered me towards getting my first real tune through Nishan. I got a basemap and after a few revisions, the car felt noticeably faster getting up to 21 psi on the k04 before noticing a misfire in cylinder 3 which quickly spread to a multiple cylinder misfire. At the time I wasn't really sure what to do other than take a look on facebook for the local Mazda groups to ask them what steps to take next. I was introduced to a local shop known by EP and they taught me a lot of things about my car. One of the things they showed me was that my headgasket was leaking coolant. At this point, I decided the "keep it stock" mentality was no longer viable as I needed to at the very least pull my head. The car sat in my garage for a few weeks while I was figuring out what to do with the car. After a bit of thinking I decided to pull the engine. This was the first type of car work I had done outside of changing my oil/tires. I knew that my engine needed to be dropped and I wasn't about to pay a shop to do it for me. I asked a good friend of mine if he wanted to try this venture with me and he agreed so we went to work. Countless nights of pulling the entire car apart in order to pull the engine out kept us up many times until 3 am. We even had the whole squad over a few nights for moral support to make sure we made it through the whole ordeal. The number of times we asked ourselves if we could actually finish the project must have been dozens. Despite all of the frustration that we faced we managed to get it done. About a week later we had the block out of the car and sat on it for a few days before I pulled it apart to check if anything was damaged. As expected head gasket was completely destroyed but otherwise looked ok to our inexperienced eyes. This is the point I figured it was not worth it to simply put a new headgasket on it and put the engine back into the car. It took us way too much energy to get it out to slap a $70 gasket back on the block and slap the engine together again. So we didn't, I got a parts list together for a build and figured it would cost me around 4k to get the car running again. The block was dropped off at a machine shop who checked it out and signed off on it being in good condition so I went ahead with the parts list. Block was assembled, thrown back into the car 2 months later because I was working OTR at the time and the rest is history. I originally bought the car with 56000 miles and I just ticked over 60k as of 9-16-19. I don't drive it as much as I should but I imagine that will be changing soon. anyway, so now here we are with 41 psi, a worthless stereo, a stripped passenger motor mount, no ac and $40 tires on 18psi which still spin 3rd gear... so was it worth it? Probably not but all my friends think im cool.. so.. maybe?

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homepage tile video photo for another one from a while back. hit against camaro ss
another one from a while back. hit against camaro ss


homepage tile video photo for hit from a while back. was on 28psi at the time.
hit from a while back. was on 28psi at the time.


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