Drive Train
Front Wheel
16 MPG

All the Chevys I have owned have been SS's Starting off with my first car which was a Cobalt 2.4L SS, which I had through highschool, before wrecking it. I owned a mustang shortly after before picking up a 2004 Monte Carlo SS, it was by far the worst car I owned, and was totally scammed out of it. I gave it to a friend and bought my current car in May 2018. This car is currently my daily. On September 16th I was surprised with a trailer wheel in the middle of the highway in a deadspot. I blew off the front end and evntually got it fixed by July 9th. Was a huge setback, as these lips are super hard to find. At some point in the future, hopefully in mid 21 I will be able to pull the engine, drop the trans and do a 4T80 Swap. Rebuild the Engine, possibly bore out the motor for some more displacement. Though, that is uncertain. I don't need anything too crazy, my goal is 450 horse power. I don't think it will need too much more or it will be a bit too wild. Luckily right now it's still fairly quick, it's funny to see how many people think it's a 3800.

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