3.5 L
265 hp
2,000 lbs
270 ft lb

With a second child on the way I needed to upgrade to a larger vehicle. I always loved the size and shape of this generation Explorer. Being a Ford fan as well it ended up being a no brainer.

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Love my Falkens!

I switched from the OEM tires to Falkens and couldn't be happier. Check them out here: https://w

[]Ernie Szots

I've been really happy with my Michelin's but I think I'm going with a summer tire next time around. I don't drive my car enough and we don't get enough weather here in SoCal to not enjoy the added grip through all the sunny days.

[]Kristian Mill

I went all weather for NorCal just in case. New to up here and there is this stuff called rain. Never heard of it in SoCal.

[]Ernie Szots


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Love the build Kristian! Nice work

[]Kristian Mill

Thanks Colby!

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