130 HP
146 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2900 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
140 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
17 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
10 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

I was on craigslist one day looking for a new car. Because on November 19th 2014 I was involved in a serious crash I rolled my 2007 corolla 7 times. Anyways I was looking for weeks with no luck at all until one day I spotted a post that said two cars for 1000$ it was a ford explorer an a Chevy cavelier I wasn't to excited cause I don't like American made cars. But I contacted him and found out he was a repo man. Well about 2 days later I went to his lot to look at both cars they were ok minor damage some engine problems here an there I noticed he had more cars on the lot an I asked if  I could look around he said yea but you won't find anything well I started in the front there were 5 rows of 6 cars in each I went down each one found a 90 accord( my favorite Honda) but it was destroyed inside and out I got to the third row an in the last row I noticed in the corner of my eye a car covered with a tarp at the time I didn't think anything of it so I continued my search through the lot I found alot of awesome cars but they weren't calling out to me cause I believe in the saying if you don't look back at your car when you walk away its the wrong one. Well here I am now in the 4th row and again the tarp catches my eye like it was calling out to me but again I just looked away towards the end of the 4th row there was a 1991 300zx(my 2nd favourite Nissan) I skipped the the first 4 in the last row cause again I hate domestic cars. At this point i was about to give up I could find anything I wanted so I walked out of the lot but once again the mystery car came back to my mind. This time I was thinking what the hell mights as well have a look so I started walking towards it I asked the guy what was under the old beat up tarp i could see bits and pieces of a white body so I asked the guy whats under here all he said is idk I just know its been here for almost two years and I'm the 2nd person who has asked about it the first guy didn't even look so as I finally made my way back to the end of row 5 my heart started racing for some reason an all I could think about is if this one is bad then I'm screwed so me an my friend grabed the front corners and lifted it slowly at first I seen the mercedes badge an thats when my heart started raceing even faster so out of anticipation I yanked the tarp off an something inside me said she's the one i looked her all over an i fell in love the body was in really good shape except just one dent and i guess the previous owner wrecked into something because a chunk of her front bumber was missing but I didn't care it was a older mercedes. I looked at my friend and said I found her I found the car I wanted but I knew something had to be wrong.. And i was right he told me the previous owner was a drug dealer who got caught up an he got her impounded i asked if he knew what was wrong with the car and he said well its been sitting outside for a long time so there could be a number of things so without thinking i said how much he told me he wanted 700$ firm i thought damn i cant afford it so i decided i guess ill just keep looking when i got home all I could think about is the Benz the next couple days after that I got back on craigslist to continue my search when out of no where he called an asked if I still wanted the car an I said of course I guess he could tell i was serious and said he would give it to me for 300$ and o asked could we do payments he said yea we can do that I told him thats great i get paid in three days an we can go from there we got off the phone an patiently waited for the following Tuesday morning for my card to be loaded well two days later he called again an said look i called up my mechanic and had him look at the car an its got a lot wrong with it at that moment I was like oh shit I'm in for it now. He said the battery is shot it won't hold charge for that long the fan clutch doesn't work so it will eventually over heat all four tires were dryroted bad but they could hold air also none of the windows roll down an the shifter console is also real bad but if you can drive it if you can get it to run but it more than likely won't make it to were you need it to go ( I lived 20 miles away from sapulpa) so im just gonna take it to the crusher again without thinking i said WAIT i still want her and he said do you really? Even with everything i told you? I said yes i do i can fix her he said alright give me 150$ an she's yours I was super excited at that point i thought to myself I got her she's mine but little did I know when pay day finally came I wouldn't have enough I had rent coming up an my 5 month old son needed formula an diapers so i had to get that because well thats important so i went to plan B an posted alnost everything I owned online to sell in two days i sold my tv my  expensive speaker's an everything else I worked hard to get and I raised up 200$ well I called him an he said he would back in town in 4 days so i patiently waited for him to get back making sure I kept reminding him that I'm waiting with money in hand I guess he finally got tired of me reminding him lol an on the fifth day he called an said come get her I was so excited i was finally going to get my car i called my friend an said lets go get the car it took him an hour to get ready an come get me the whole time I'm frantically waiting for what felt like hours when we hit the road on our way to go get her I couldn't wait I understood her problems but I didn't care I got her she's mine when we pulled up to the lot he had her towed to the front of the lot for me as I walked past her I couldn't help but look back and smile cause in just 10mins I would have hey key an she would be mine but again something had to keep me waiting he wanted me to pay for the title transfer i went to the local tag agency to find out the price and what i had to do she told me i had to have insurance an pay 50$ at that moment my heart sank i felt devistated I called him an told him the news an he

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