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Kyle Flewelling494 days ago

My 2011 mazda3 TURBO


[]Jessica Pomerleau

Like the wheels you put on there!

[]Andrew Taylor

What motor? Did this year offer the mzi 3.7?

[]Kyle Flewelling

2.5 MZR

[]Randy Gross

Nice! Are you using a standalone ECU like Megasquirt?

[]Kyle Flewelling

OEM ECU tuned for boost by OrangeVirus Tuning

[]Brian Post

This beast looks mean! What turbo are you running? Plan to drag it or just some street fun? Got it Dyno'd yet?

[]Kyle Flewelling

going for a beast of a daily with the odd track day. boosting 18 psi from a GTX3071r currently, no dyno numbers but its close to 400 if I had to guess.

[]Brian Post

That's one powerful daily. Hope you still have A/C and power steering.

[]Kyle Flewelling

Electric power steering, and I deleted the AC. I never used it anyways...

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Looks mean! The wheels look great with the car