307 HP
260 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3294 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.8 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
166 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG
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        This is the story of my 1991 C4 Porsche 964. How I found it, thework that was done (with parts listed), and the driving experience it hascreated for me and my family. Hope you enjoy. -L          ThePorsche 964 was the car I had dreamed about ever since the movie BADBOYSreleased in 1995. Mike Lowry (Will Smiths character) drove around Miami solvingcrimes   in his 3.6L 964 Turbo widebody(while his partner Marcus made a mess in his freshly detailed interior). I wasabsolutely hooked when I saw this. Game over. I had to have one. Today,air-cooled Porsches are quickly appreciating and specifically the 964’s and 964Turbo’s. They are now considered “investment vehicles” and collectors arescooping them up for astronomical prices. Having said that…a widebody was notexactly within a detailers budget at the time, but a non-turbo was well withinreach. 964 Facts:          ThePorsche 964 was first introduced in 1989 in an all-wheel-drive configuration,called the Carrera 4 (or C4 for short), whose drive-train was evolved from thefabled 959 program in the mid-80's. Porsche said that around 85% of the partsin the C4 were new, with notable changes like a 3.6L engine, coil springsinstead of torsion bars, ABS brakes, airbags, power steering, a retractablerear spoiler, and a new heating and air conditioning system that actually worked.Significant work was done on the body aerodynamics, and the 3.6L M64 engine was the first Porsche engine that was produced as a single engine for all worldwide markets, with 247 HP.   TheSearch Begins:                   I began my 964 hunt in 2012, whichconsisted of searching on eBay nightly to monitor price fluctuations andbrowsing the local Porsche repair shops in my area for 964’s buried in forgottenparking lots. For over a year I encountered many interesting prospects, butnothing that felt right. (I don’t judge cars simply on price and condition.It’s important to me that it feel right. My gut has to send me good feelings with no red flags before I canseriously consider purchasing a car, new product, or even exploring potentialbusiness opportunities. Our gut is usually right, you just need your convincebrain to follow your gut, which is not always easy and most of the time becauseit’s usually not the answer you wanted.)          Anyways…in April 2013, I found a car upfor sale in Long Island, NY (about 45 mins from my home) that looked promising.However, in the back of my mind I was thinking about Hurricane Sandy whichdevastated Long Island a few months earlier in November 2012. All I rememberseeing on the news was demolished homes in Long Island and flooded carseverywhere, so my optimism was fighting my practicality. For some reason, mygut told me to spend more time on this particular car.   First Step:          The next morning I called the eBaylisting phone number and spoke with the owner to get a feel for their demeanorand bluntly ask him if the car was flooded due to Hurricane Sandy. His answerwas a resounding “NO”. After 20 mins on the phone, he explained his “Sandyexperience”, which was similar to what I had seen in the news…not good. Duringthe evacuations, he stuffed the Porsche full of his (and girlfriend) belongingsand hoped his apartment would remain undamaged during the storm. Unfortunately,like most LI residents, his home was inhabitable after the storm. So, hedecided to let his car go to another owner to free up some funds to rebuild,refurnish, and replace all of their destroyed property. At first, I had mixedfeelings about this situation. I didn’t want to feel like I was takingadvantage of someone in a tough spot. On the other hand, they needed to rebuildand my purchase could help them get back on their feet. Moral dilemma. Heassured me he was “OK” with letting the 964 go to another owner. (But I knewthere was some hesitation in his voice)    PPI:          After a restless night, I asked him ifhe would allow me to do a PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) on the vehicle at ashop near me. He agreed and was kind enough to drive from LI to WestchesterCounty. This is the video of the entire PPI process filmed for Season 2 of Drive Clean. Ironically, we happened to be in the middle of filming the entire season when this serendipitous opportunity presented itself. So I took a chance and filmed the entire process. The rest of the story can be found on my website: www.ammonyc.com 

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