480 WHP
Curb Weight
3050 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
DSG 6sp
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG
Helical MFactory
Forged Internals
Eibach R1
Neuspeed RSe05
Brembo 18z
Aquamist Direct

Taken at AAA Speedway Fontana CA doing the Roval at a Speedhunter trackday.(2017) I purchased new in 2008. This was my daily driver and like any crazy enthusiast the factory stuff just needs to be modded. Over a number of years of adding mods I ended up with the following setup around 2013. K04, Drivermotorsport custom tune for water/meth putting out 335/336 to the wheels on dyno. Bilstein sport suspension with Eibach Sportline Springs, Eibach Sways, BBS CO wheel with Comp2 18in 225/40 tires. Unitronic stage 3 DSG tune and Golf R brakes front/rear HPS pads for street and HP+ for track. Snow water meth dual nozzle setup. APR HPFP, APR intercooler. 034 street density motor mounts. It has been a flawless driver both on street and track. Just recently I purchased another set of BBS CO wheels and was running A058 track slicks..... (huge diff of course). I recently retired, decided to get a new faster car, changed my mind and decided to build myself one. So this car was taken down around begining of August. All parts pulled and sold. I really liked and enjoyed this car more than any car I have owned for a dual purpose car, something I could drive to the track. So the goal is to re-do it all with just more of everything. Better suspension, braking, traction, seating and of course power all while doing all we can to preserve the incredible reliablity I have enjoyed the last 4 years.  So car is apart now for all those mods. About 97% of the parts are here and work has begun. This is going to be a 500whp GTI that will have perfect street manners and hold its own at the track. Details of the build with pictures as the work progresses.  Full Brembo brake set front/rear, all suspension bushing will be poly, YCW coils, forged motor with EFR7163 turbo and Aquamist water meth direct inject. Recaro seats etc etc. This will be about a 20-25K dollar build. Well its 2+ years later (Sep 2019). Car is finally home from shop. While there I swapped out the YCW coilovers for an upgrade to Eibach R1 coils. As well brake pads are going from HPS to GLOC full race. Final dyno tune is 480whp (Jul 25 2019). Can hardly wait to get it on the track. Acceleration is just violent, power band very wide which will be good for the track. Putting together an inexpensive GoPro system with external mic. I was able to get everything for 325.00. Hero 5 Black, Ext mic adapter, Ext mic w/w sock, GoPro clear case, GoPro suction mount and a 64gig San Disk Extreme chip. The car is ready for the track and if I can find a way to get it to AAA California Speedway on the Oct 13th 2019 I will go.

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