Product review

What made you choose this particular product?

I first installed a Gruppe M intake into my Civic Type R and the results were quite impressive. So when it came to looking for an air intake for the car I didnt consider anything else

Is this your first time buying from this brand? Did you consider other brands?

No. I already had my eyes set on the GruppeM

Was it easy to install? Any installation tips that will help others?

If my MR2 was a Gen 3 and beyond it's suppose to be a direct fit. However as mine is a Gen 2, some modifications needed to be made. Gen 2 and before air boxes had a physical air flow meter while Gen 3 and beyond did away with it. I needed to keep that meter in order for the car to function properly so I had to hack off a section of the mounting plate on the kit to accommodate for the air flow meter.

Once you've had a chance to use the product, did it meet your expectations?

Did exactly what its suppose to do and brought back memories of my old GruppeM in my Civic Type R. That combined with my exhaust system made the car a lot more energetic and fun to drive (and listen too)

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