750 HP
750 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3000 LB
Engine Size
5.8 L
Transmission Type
Tremec 3550

This specific Saleen is 1 of 8 ever made in 1986. This is because it is a T-top car. And they only made one black with grey interior 1986 Saleen t-top car. So you could say it is a one of one car. It's just not as desirable like a Bugatti. I bought this car off the original owner in Los Angeles, CA. And he bought it brand new to street race back in the day. So he modified the sh*t out of it. But as soon as they started crushing cars, he decided to retire it and take it out periodically. My plan is to take everything aftermarket off and put it all back to stock. Just as if it came from Saleen.

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