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If someones car is faster than yours, you can destroy their car or make your own car faster

Today is the day i own the civic a year, i did a lot in this year but there is still so much to do. In year two of mine ownership of the civic i will do; brakes, more suppension, and continue the search for a performance camshaft. For far i know now on this point they make for the D serie engines only performance camshaft for the D16. When i will find a performance camshaft i


[]Craig Crall

If you're looking for a decent performance cam for your D series, Crower makes a pretty good cam if you're going to stay all motor Part Number 63442Z. It's a lot less pricey than the Skunk 2 cam and provides decent HP gains over stock.

Any performance cam you choose, should really be accompanied by an increase in compression ratio. I would shoot for 11:1 or more. The compact chambers of the D series seem to tolerate quite a bit of CR without detonation. SCE makes a .032" compressed thickness, copper gasket for your engine+ your head can be safely milled .050"-.060"

When you change cams, you will want to get an adjustable sprocket at the same time.

What tuner system are you going with? AEM?

Here are some links for you below;



[]Leon Van Wageningen

I appreciate your help.
I dont know which tuner system i go for.

The camshaft from crowner is for a D16 i have a D14, i need to look if the D16 cam will fits the D14

[]Craig Crall

All 1.3-1.7L D series engines shared the same 75mm bore and bore spacing and some engine builders use different factory parts, heads, rods to gain compression height, as Honda changed pin heights along with stroke on different displacement engines.

In general, you will find that a large number of parts will interchange between the different sized D series engines.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Definitely a big improvement over how it looked before

Does any of you have experience with a SRS exhaust setup, i am thinking about a complet setup included; header 4-2-1, cat and catback systeem.

[]Dylan Nickles

I had a full exhaust setup on my civic before I turbocharged it. A 4-2-1 header, test pipe and a resonator. I actually removed the muffler because I liked the sound better without it. All in all, I really liked it. Made the engine bay look good too.

Yesterday mine taillights are smoked by a prof. I am so happy how it turned out, it gives a much better and it gives a more aggressive look

I want to change mine taillights for LED taillights. But i am thinking about smoking the taillights with foil. Do you have experience with smoking taillights?


[]Antoni Dabrowski

I personally don't like the look of smoked taillights at all, if anything I would break the taillight housing open and paint the red housing black if it has a red lens. Some of the new Mercedes/Infiniti have theirs setup like this and it tends to look a lot cleaner than red on red. I'd definitely opt for full LED taillights if they aren't too ricy.

[]Leon Van Wageningen

I upload some new photos, you can see how the smoke light turns out

[]Leon Van Wageningen

Next week i have a day off and planning to change than mine normal sonar taillights for sonar LED taillights i will give a update with photos. Breaking the lights open amd than paint it is not a option. If i dont like the looks i can always take the foil off. I use only LED for the normal red light, break light, indicator and reversing light.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I smoked some taillights some years ago using a spray on product that worked really well. I could gradually apply it to get the level of tint that I wanted. I really liked how it came out! I think the LEDs would compliment the smoke because they tend to be brighter than factory lights and the smoking should dim them a bit.

[]Hayden Baker

I had smoked tail lights for a couple years. It was only a mild level of dark but I liked how it looked for that stage of my build. You could still clearly see my tail lights and brake lights, it didn't seem to be a safety issue. Especially with LED bulbs

I purchased a battery brace lost week in the colour blue, because mine short ram intake and valve cover are also blue. But the brace is a other color blue. What do you think paint it the same colour like the short ram and valve cover or leave it like this?


[]Gregory Garoppolo

I think it will look good either way (Wilson's idea is a good call) but it is probably pretty cheap to get powder coated to match your valve cover as well. You might even be able to find someone who can anodize nearby; it's just a fancy chemical bath with some electricity and paint thrown in. https://www.wikihow.com/Anodize-Aluminum

[]Wilson Oberholzer

If I were you I would at the very least set the battery tie down in place and see how it looks in comparison to your intake and valve cover. Sometimes colors being slightly different don't really stand out but sometimes they do a lot. I personally think it would be a shame to cover up the nice anodized finish on the PWJDM tie down.

Missing my white rims, have now mine grey rims for the winter period but the white one looks so much beter.


[]Jessica Pomerleau

Same here! My summer rims are black and winter ones grey 🙄

[]Sac Car Scene

Good you have winter rims though. When the weather gets nice, your white rims will be back on.

This weekend is it time for coilovers on my 98 civic


[]Robert Sixto

I think coilovers are my favorite mod. Enjoy!

[]Sammie Robertson

Yess! Coils are so much fun. Post up photos once you have them installed!

First snow in the Netherlands

[]Robert Linsenbach

we just got ours yesterday!

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