155 HP
160 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2657 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

Bought this car in ok shape from a friend. It was overheating at the time. Drove it home, it warped the head on the last leg of the trip. Took it completely apart, found that the freeze plugs on one side were weeping. Hoping to have it built again for the summer. Forged internals, t3/t4 Turbo kit in store for it. Looking for 300WHP. Planning on redoing the underside, new bushings and suspension components. Possibly a 5 lug conversion. At this point I will be happy to see it run again. Also pulled off the front end, someone decided to remove the front bumper support in order to fit a body kit. ugh. 4-13-15 Update Ok. Parts are in for the engine. I think I have everything that is needed. Engine Re-Nu in modesto has had it for about a month. The head was warped badly enough to need straightening before decking. I should be picking it up this week. Sounds like everything is going well. Hoping to get it built entirely this weekend. Still a bit sketchy on replacing trans seals, but I think I can get this all done. 6-5-2015 Updates Everything came back. I am to the point of needing small parts for the engine. Upper chain tensioner didn't come in my kit, had to buy one from nissan. Everything is together though, timing wasn't too hard. Rotated the engine, all gliding together. I will be able to cap the engine after the tensioner and the replacement valve for the oil pump goes in.  All my suspension parts are ordered, everything came in except for the coilovers. Apparently the car is too old, and they are all build to order kits. Sway bars, engine mounts, bushings are all sitting in my living room waiting to be installed. The only part I am really looking for right now would be a limited slip diff. Considering several different options. Update 9-17-15 Decided to split up the turbo kit. Considering several different turbo options: Borg warner s300, Holset HX35, Garret GT3071. I have considerably increased my horsepower goals. Purchased some 1000cc injectors. The engine is sealed up, intake manifold is partially on. Got all my factory gaskets for the transmission reseal job I am going to do. Hoping to get the transmission out of the car and resealed this weekend. Looking at getting the unit together at the start of next month. Optimistic maybe. Still have yet to get my engine management nailed down. I was originally going with nistune, but I am now leaning heavily towards megasquirt, hoping that I can put together an onboard raspberry pi management system. I feel like I went cheap on my suspension, but seeing as how I know nothing about the car's dynamics I figured I would start there and move up. Update 10-30-15 Slowly getting back into working on the car. With some help, the transmission is out. Hoping to mate the two pieces and JUST MAYBE get them in the car this weekend. Still debating on turbos. My desired power keeps creeping up. I am thinking I will start with an HX30, and see where I get.  Update 11-9-15 Thanks to friends, I was able to get the transmission mated to the engine this weekend. California is experiencing rain finally, so that has put a slight damper on my plans to drop the engine in. Planning on clearing out my garage in order to put the car indoors. The list of tasks is getting much shorter, though. Getting excited again. Redoing the entire bushings on the underside of the car, the differential, the coil overs, the sway bars are the last things after the engine is in. Looking forward to break in. Hoping to learn the car a bit before dropping double the horsepower or more on top of it. Update 11-18-15 Car is in the garage. Hoping that putting it inside will be a rainy day motivator. Shortened my shifter, gave it Honda threads in hopes that I can get some asinine shift knobs for it. Next step is engine back in the car. Getting excited. Update 12-6-15 A little motivation today. With a friend's help I was able to drop the entire subframe. Hoping to take the replacement of bushings and the diff replacement in small doses at night. After seeing my tiny rear brakes, considering a 300zx swap much more. Update 3-9-16 Bushing removal was HELL. Heat, lubricant, press, nothing worked consistently. With help from a friend, eventually got all the bushings in the rear out. Reinstalling polyurethane bushings was hard, but not nearly as hard as removal. Installing the new coilovers, end links and sway bar was exciting. I was able to reassemble the entire thing in about an hour. Waiting on my differential to come back from the shop, I didn't trust my skills to do the swap and adjustments properly.  Update 3-21-16 End of the weekend brought the suspension 100% together. Replace front ball joints, tie rod ends. Finally got the godspeed sway bar installed, had to modify energy suspension sway bar bushings in order to make it work. Front brakes are also together. At this point, the front wheels are ready to bolt back on. With a few hours work on the back I should be ready to bolt the back tires on as well, making a completed rolling chassis. Hoping to get my differential back in the next few days to have it installed by this weekend.With axles in and diff installed, it seems that dropping in engine and trans should be pretty quick. Update 9/28/16 It has been a while, a lot has happened since last update. The vehicle started for the first time last month, but was running awful. Found that the bottom timing sprocket was off one tooth. Had to improvise new timing marks. This fixed the issue, and after a few tweaks, things actually started working. Drove it for the first time, all the work was worth it. It is very responsive, even with awful sun rotted tires. Took it out to get new tires installed and to get it smogged. First smog shop said that the electric fans I added wouldn't pass smog. Ended up going to another shop that didn't care. There I was failed for timing and for an intake that had an incorrect CARB number. Swapped the intake for a more current unit from AEM, re timed, and added a new o2 sensor. Took it to another shop, they stated that they wouldn't look at it due to oversized wheels (17"). Took it to a third shop, it was tested again. The vehicle was labeled gross polluter due to NOx emissions. I may need a new catalyst and I need to fix the EGR system. I can't get a temporary registration because of this, so the vehicle sits until I can fix the issues. Wish I would have done this before purchasing a Megasquirt PnP ECU and a wideband o2 sensor, but maybe these things will help with diagnosis.

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