390 HP
450 LB-FT
Curb Weight
5036 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
15 MPG
5.5 s

This truck is near and dear to my heart. Back when I was only 10 years old, my Papa was picking out his new truck. He's always been partial to Nissans. (Except for his old 66' Mustang) And he was looking mighty hard at the Frontiers. This made no sense to my young mind, because at the back of the lot were these neat big trucks with a bada** name (Titan). So I eventually persuaded him into a sweet granite colored, barebones Titan that we both gravitated towards. For the rest of my Elementary and Middle school years, he would pick me up from school in "our" Titan. I can still remember the day we had a v6 Mustang pull up next to us at a red-light and Rev his engine. Papa looked at me. "Let's give him a run for his money" he said with grin. I wasn't sure what was about to happen. But as the light turned green, the engine roared to life and we beat the mustang by a couple car lengths before we had to merge. That's the day I really knew that this was the kind of truck I wanted. The years passed by and eventually, around the end of middle school my Papa passed away. I was devastated. At the time he was my best friend. He was a calm but hilariously clever old man that taught me countless lessons. When my 16th birthday passed, the whole family agreed that he would want me to have it. Safe to say this truck means the world to me. Even though it's not one of the "Big 3", it's extremely reliable and was the fastest truck back when we bought it. So I've enjoyed it all through high school and college. I trust that it'll continue to do work as I grow my family and travel the country. I have installed a ton of mods, all in my garage, to make this thing as fast as possible. And when it's all said and done, I wouldn't trade this for any other truck out there. This Titan will be with me until either I die, or it runs itself into the ground. At this rate, it might outlast me!

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