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Liam McDonald

I am close to 20 but I wish I was still 16. Going to tech school currently for engineering.


I love cars and fishing, all around just having fun. I dont think its about how much money your car is worth or how fast it is but the memories you've had with them. I'm 19 and live in Wisconsin, USA. Ive owned 6 cars so far, trying to slow that number from growing lol. Ive not always been into cars but Ive always been motivated to learn as much as possible since I first started driving. I have 4 fish, Derp, Blue and the Whisker brothers. Currently working towards my degree in mechanical engineering while working at a job in engineering /production.

Liam McDonald98 days ago

Its been awhile since Ive posted but Im finally driving my low mile 300zx. Until the fuel pump died a few days ago. :p Should be replacing that next week, and it should be running better than ever


[]Ernie Szots

Although there isn't an 'update' section specifically, there is a slight differentiation that happens when you post on the home page of Wheelwell versus posting on your vehicle in your garage section. Posting from your garage will give your followers a notification about a post (aka update) on your vehicle rather than a regular notification from a post made on the home page.

Knowing that, when I want to post general car related stuff, I do it from the Wheelwell home page. When I want to post about something specific to my car, I post from My Garage.

[]Robert Sixto

Oh wow, I didn't actually realize this. Good to know!

Liam McDonald199 days ago

Hey so my friend Tanner has always been a gearhead but lately hes been going through withdrawl because he cant decide on his new car. He has owned no joke, 5 dodge rams, a ranger, an isuzu trooper, a camaro and now a powerstroke. He traded a ram he fixed for a 97 camaro lt1 and then for an 02 powerstroke. He wants to keep trading cars and trucks until he dies but his powerstroke is a pile and hes

[]Hayden Baker

If he can find an F-150 with a coyote in it he can make that thing pretty quick with some used Mustang parts for relatively cheap. He could also use some raptor or FX4 parts too.

Liam McDonald209 days ago

How a stock 300zx would have looked like rolling off the lot back in 1992

Liam McDonald252 days ago

I found the car I've been looking for years for. Its perfect, glad to be out of the subaru life and into a dedicated project, only 42k original miles, all original Got it right to the carwash when I got home to save it from the salt-drive home. Wanted this car since I was 14 and 6 years later I found this in the dead of winter, and its better than I would have ever hoped


[]Sammie Robertson

Looks nice! Low miles too! Congrats :)

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Looks like you got a pretty clean one. What are your plans for it?

[]Liam McDonald

Keep it stock. Maybe some new wheels but after that purchase Im broke lol

[]Jordan Shuster

Such an amazing feeling! Congratulations on the find!

[]Landon Shore

Congratulations! I have owned 4 Z32's. They are great all around cars. Welcome to the club. As project cars, they can be a little overwhelming at times...but it's always worth it in the end.

[]Yves Vds

Oh, wow. Very nice. Have fun with the new project. This is going to be interesting. What are the plans?

[]Liam McDonald

Nothing, this spring Im going to do a tuneup, and drive it as it is

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Enjoy it and learn from it. Owned two and even though this was the first japanese car I liked when it came out new, I have developed a love hate emotion for this car...

[]Liam McDonald

Im sure im gonna find something I dont like when I really start driving it. Like the timing belt.. been debating if I should change it, the last time it had it replaced was is 2006

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[]Chris Dirkschneider

I don't know about that 'out of the Subaru life" comment (LOL), but congrats on getting a 90's Japanese classic! The Halo cars of the day were some of the best cars out of Japan! I loved my 3000GT VR-4, and knew a few people with MKIV TTs, RX7 TT, and one with a 300Z TT, we all immensely enjoyed those cars!

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Liam McDonald531 days ago

I haven't been on here in a while because my engine siezed, and then the shop I had haul it from another shop to deliver it to my driveway and sent the car into the concrete off the truck and ruined my new exhaust, as if to pour salt into my poor Subies wounds.  But it took 1 week from the time of removing the engine to getting the new one running and driving, all in my garage.

Liam McDonald552 days ago

My 2006 impreza 2.5i is finaly dead, engine is toast. H6? Not sure whats the smart thing to do right now, im in college. I estimate a new motor to run me upto 2000$, and for that price it makes me just want to buy a beater daily and keep the car to swap myself. Ive read the EZ36D (the 3.6r motor) bolts upto my car, and is cheaper than a wrx swap but would cost upwards of 3000$... What should i do?

Liam McDonald567 days ago

A little in over my head

Liam McDonald572 days ago


Liam McDonald585 days ago

No chocolates for valentines day.. but I got this, and this will do.

Liam McDonald651 days ago

So me and my buddy went for some fun. Got some awesome footage of drifts and donuts until we slid into a ditch in the middle of nowhere. Was able to get out in the subie. I thought we were 100% boned and I had just wrecked my car, but we were able to rock it off the rear diff and haul through 6 inches of snow and weeds... after my last car idk how I was gonna explain

Liam McDonald658 days ago

Very first mod to the subaru, JDM

Liam McDonald661 days ago

Waiting for the snow so I can feel pro and drift...

Liam McDonald663 days ago

Just tried to make a 0-60.. too embarrassing to list but its raining and I had a bad start. 11.8 seconds. My last car did 10 seconds flat, hopefully it dries off and I can get a 1/4 mile run before the snow starts

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