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I am 18 but I wish I was still 16. Going to tech school currently for engineering. Only got int cars a few years ago, really love it.
Liam McDonald247 days ago

I haven't been on here in a while because my engine siezed, and then the shop I had haul it from another shop to deliver it to my driveway and sent the car into the concrete off the truck and ruined my new exhaust, as if to pour salt into my poor Subies wounds.  But it took 1 week from the time of removing the engine to getting the new one running and driving, all in my garage.

Liam McDonald268 days ago

My 2006 impreza 2.5i is finaly dead, engine is toast. H6? Not sure whats the smart thing to do right now, im in college. I estimate a new motor to run me upto 2000$, and for that price it makes me just want to buy a beater daily and keep the car to swap myself. Ive read the EZ36D (the 3.6r motor) bolts upto my car, and is cheaper than a wrx swap but would cost upwards of 3000$... What should i do?

Liam McDonald284 days ago

A little in over my head

Liam McDonald289 days ago


Liam McDonald302 days ago

No chocolates for valentines day.. but I got this, and this will do.

Liam McDonald368 days ago

So me and my buddy went for some fun. Got some awesome footage of drifts and donuts until we slid into a ditch in the middle of nowhere. Was able to get out in the subie. I thought we were 100% boned and I had just wrecked my car, but we were able to rock it off the rear diff and haul through 6 inches of snow and weeds... after my last car idk how I was gonna explain

Liam McDonald375 days ago

Very first mod to the subaru, JDM

Liam McDonald378 days ago

Waiting for the snow so I can feel pro and drift...

Liam McDonald380 days ago

Just tried to make a 0-60.. too embarrassing to list but its raining and I had a bad start. 11.8 seconds. My last car did 10 seconds flat, hopefully it dries off and I can get a 1/4 mile run before the snow starts

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